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30 James Street
This hotel was once the headquarters of the White Star Line whose most famous ship was the Titanic. It is a luxury hotel modelled on the grandeur of the Titanic with each bedroom having some connection with the ship. Its luxury all the way and at least with this Titanic themed hotel you can only envisage small icebergs floating around in your Gin and tonic with a slice of lemon to boot.
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40 Winks
I think we can all say we would love to stay in a world renowned interior designers home. I certainly would! He states on his website "We welcome anyone who loves places that are different and quirky, who enjoys good conversation, and has a healthy appetite for life." Well that sure is Mr Q and me. What about you? Do you fit the bill?
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Aaron House, Port St Mary
Aaron House is a beautifully renovated property, oozing style and charm - it is Victoriana in the best possible taste and is filled with interesting and quirky items of antique furniture and paintings. We ,love that the staff wear Victorian costume to serve their breakfast. Quirky? You bet! Wonderful? Oh yes! We love it!!
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Ackergill Tower
The tower is set in an impressive 3,000 acre private estate and it has a private beach with miles of miles of breath taking coastline to explore. We like the promise of bonfires on the beach with whiskies for added warmth and bagpipes to wake you in the morning. Lets stay in the Keepers Cottage Mr Q! I like the idea of hearing the waves lapping onto the beach which is only 6 metres away from the cottage. Lets book for the Imperial Dinner as that's what really makes this place quirky. You cant get piepd in by bagpipes every hotel you stay in!
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Not only is the building a quirky shape but the garden seems to host quite a few strange shaped trees. There are boast of there being a fabulous landscaped garden, but to be fair if there was just a field immediately outside than it would still be a great place to stay with wonderful scenery and lots to see whilst you take a long walk in the countryside with the family. Come home to a meal prepared by a professional chef! (Unfortunately this costs extra...Boo Hoo)
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Appleton Water Tower
This tower was built to provide clean water to the Sandringham estate after two members of the Royal family were killed from drinking foul water. The tower is located above a spring located many metres below ground. Water needed to be pumped up and then the clean water was piped to the Sandringham estate. This Qwerky tower has a fascinating history and is a great building to stay in with amazing views over the Sandringham estate.
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Archangel, Frome
This place is right up our street! (Figuratively speaking that is if it were right up our street I think I would likely spend a LOT of time here). Modern medieval is probably a good way to describe it! Great brave and interesting décor with Archangels painted as murals on walls. They have kept old features and added great modern design. We love how they embrace the features of this old (1311) building. Windy staircases and low ceilings with local artists work on the walls which you can buy! They promise fabulous would you want to stay or visit any where else? Its on our list of must visit! (and when I do visit I promise that I too will be a little angel and not over indulge too much!! (Fingers crossed behind my back!)
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Arches, Port Erin
Having researched this I said to Mr Q that should we go to the isle of Man to visit our friends Di and Andy, and Gaynor and Ria then we would need to consider carefully if we could accept their offers of accommodation when we know about this little gem that we find so appealing. What views! What standards! Its not so much quirky but as its so magnificent (and who would have thought on a very traditional island location?) that we felt it had to be on
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